Grundig Carbon Monoxide Detector – LCD Screen – 10 Year Sensor – White



High Sensitivity Carbon Monoxide Detector

Make your home a lot safer and protect yourself and your family with this highly sensitive CO detector from Grundig. Carbon monoxide is so dangerous you can’t smell, taste or see it. Inhaling too much of this gas can lead to unconsciousness and even death. A CO detector detects it early and warns you to avoid dangerous situations.

High-quality CO detector with LCD display

Carbon monoxide in the room is detected by the highly sensitive electrochemical sensor. The unit gives a warning signal in case of sensor faults, low battery voltage and if the detector needs to be replaced.

Low CO warning

During normal operation, the on/off indicator flashes at least once per minute. When the CO level is low, the CO alarm detects this and beeps. Even low levels of carbon monoxide can cause health problems such as headaches and nausea. If the batteries are low or a malfunction occurs, the unit will report this. For more information, see the instruction manual.

Technical data Grundig Carbon Monoxide Detector:

Detected gas: carbon monoxide
Alarm volume: 85 dB
Dimensions: 107 x 77 x 36 mm
Weight: 116 grams
Power supply: 3-AA LR6 batteries
Operating environment: -10 C° to +45 C°, 0 to 93% humidity
Quiescent current: <30 uA
Alarm current: <65 mA
Life expectancy: 10 years

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