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Driver CPC Training

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The Driver CPC Training Course was introduced across the EU from 10th September 2008 for professional bus drivers and 10th September 2009 for professional truck drivers. The purpose of our Driver CPC Training Courses is to set and maintain high standards of road safety, health and safety and driving among professional drivers (those who drive for a living) of buses and trucks.

Who is the course intended for?
This course is intended for drivers who hold a Full Bus Drivers License or Full Truck Driver License and have a PPS number.
1 Day (7 hours)
Training methodology:
The course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials, class discussions, PowerPoint presentations with some reference to the CPC training manual. The learning experience is also reinforced using simple road quizzes and videos.

The CPC training manual is provided to participants at the commencement of the course.
On successful completion of the training participants will receive CPC Certificate .

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Course Objectives

The key aims of the Driver CPC programme are:

  • Ensuring all professional bus and truck drivers have high standards of driving and of road safety practices and that those standards are maintained throughout their driving careers
  • Ensuring high standards of their personal health & safety
  • Ensuring high standards in relation to fuel efficiency and reduced pollution
  • Creating a common standard for the training and testing of drivers throughout the E. U
  • Reducing fatalities and serious injuries on the roads. The RSA’s target is for Ireland to have one of the lowest casualty rates in Europe

Course Programme

  • Control of vehicle and eco driving techniques (Module 1)
  • Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industry (Module 2)
  • Health and safety of the professional driver (Module 3)
  • Role of the professional driver in the transport industry (Module 4)
  • The professional Truck Driver (Module 5)
  • The professional Bus Driver (Module 6)

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