Forklift Testing

Safety must always come first when operating a forklift and regular inspections and testing are crucial to achieving workplace safety. According to the statutory legislation Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) 2007, forklifts must be tested at least once a year, or sooner depending on your Health and Safety Assessment.

Our inspections and testing service will pick up potential problems that could result in an injury or accident in future. Early fault detection enables equipment to be repaired or replaced safely and quickly.

Our inspection and testing services also cover:

  • Tyres: visible damage such as cuts or gouges, and tyre pressure
  • Fork wear, mast wear
  • Chains wear
  • Brake testing
  • Fluid levels, including oil, diesel and water
  • Battery performance and safety
  • Ensuring there are no exposed wires or loose cable connectors
  • Inspecting the forks and mast for bends and cracks
  • Checking seatbelts are all working, with no rips and tears
  • Checking all safety devices are working
  • Power Pallet Trucks
  • Side Loader
  • Reach Truck
  • Rough Terrain
  • Moffett Mounty
  • Combi-lift
  • Pallet Truck
  • Multi Directional Forklift
  • Side Loader
  • Counterbalance

Once the inspection and testing of your forklift is complete, you will receive a GA1 Form, Report of Results of Inspections, certifying your forklift meets Irish health and safety requirements. If our inspection and testing service identifies any defects, you will receive a report of what needs to be rectified before you can gain certification. All inspections, certification and renewal dates are logged All inspections, certification and renewal dates are logged plus our service technicians will also  notify you of the best and most efficient way to rectify any non-conformances.