Fire Extinguisher Inspections Test And Supply

Falcon Fire as part of Amber Safety group provides comprehensive inspections, testing and certification for fire extinguishers to ensure they comply with Irish regulatory standards such as I.S.291-2015.

Our experts based in Limerick can provide regular inspection and testing of your fire extinguishers ensures they are ready to use in an emergency and helps reduce the risk of fire-related injury or death.

Proper maintenance of your fire extinguishers is essential; fire extinguishers that are not maintained properly can fail when you need them the most.

Our fire extinguisher inspection and testing service determines whether your equipment is in proper working order and ensure high quality safety standards.

Our inspection and testing service helps monitor your fire equipment, certify that it is compliant with Irish regulations  ( IS 291- 2015 ) and ensure it is ready for use when you need it.

Following the inspection and testing, you will receive a record form, including inventory of all your equipment and any recommendations that will need to be carried out to be in line with the Irish standard. Our service technicians will also  notify you of the best and most efficient way to rectify any non-conformances.